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We're glad to hear you are interested in organizing a tournament in Escape from Mibo Island. On this page you'll find answers to some questions you might have. Are you interested, or do you have a question that's not on this list? 

Can I organise a tournament next week?

You can! Send us an email and we'll get you set up with everything you need.

How does it work?

We provide you with an island, a central meeting hub for up to 25 people. Groups larger than 25 will have multiple islands based on their group size. Teams gather in the hub, where an organiser can welcome everybody. The teams then split off into their own Mibo Escape url's, where they play the game simultaneously. Everyone returns to their island when they're done, where they can hear the results and chat/relax.

What does it cost?

Organising a Mibo Escape tournament costs €10 per person excluding VAT. For this price you get the central Mibo hub and all the game links.

How do team sizes work?

Teams must be a minimum of 4 people. You cannot finish the game with 3 or less. You can make teams of 5 to make sure everyone can form full teams, but be aware that the game has been designed to best accomodate 4 players.

How do I know which team has won?

After solving the last puzzle, a portal opens in the magical world. The team should enter the portal, which takes them back to the starting point. There, they can see their final time and take a group photo, which can then be submitted to you as a record of the team time.

Can all the teams play at the same time?

Yes! Each team will have an individual game link. They can all play at the same time and afterwards adjourn to their assigned island where they can compare notes.

Can I set an automatic end time?

The game cannot be set to automatically time out; if time is of the essence, participants should be instructed in advance regarding when they should exit the game. The escape room links remain live until all puzzles have been completed, so teams that are unable to finish within the allocated time may rejoin if they wish to complete the game.

Is there a redirect between the escape rooms and the meeting room?

In order to go from the escape room to the meeting room, participants will need to exit one and click a separate link to join another.

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