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Open the hints in order up to the point where you are stuck to avoid spoilers.

  • How does it work?
    After purchase you’ll receive a unique link, which your entire team can use to enter the escape room. It’s valid indefinitely until the first person enters; after which you have 16 hours to explore and play the game.
  • How long is the game?
    That depends on the team, but 1 hour is a safe estimate in most cases. Since the virtual environment is open for 16 hours, you can stick around for a chat after the game.
  • What group size do I need?
    The game is for teams of 4. A group of 5 or even 6 can still have fun, albeit with a little bit less interaction per person. A group of 3 or less is not possible.
  • What else do I need?
    You need a Windows or Mac computer, with a Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. You also need a working microphone and webcam. Every team member needs to be on a different device. You cannot play this game on a phone.
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