Open the hints in order up to the point where you are stuck to avoid spoilers.

Start 1

There are four buttons on the wall. Look at a button and click when it lights up to interact with it

Saloon 1

Take a look at the scroll on the table. Are there more of them?

Saloon 2

The symbols on the piano keys, do they seem familiar?

Saloon 3

The text on the scrolls, it looks like there are numbers hidden in there!

Beach 1

A door between the rocks is blocking the path.

Beach 2

There is a pedestal with holes in the top of it. What could fit in those?

Beach 3

The holes are perfectly pearl-sized. Have you spotted any pearls?

Shipwreck 1

There's a big red button on the deck.

Shipwreck 2

Did you know mibo bots are actually quite heavy?

Shipwreck 3

Stand on the button and see what happens.

Cave 1

With a helping head... err hand, you can get up on the ledge!

Cave 2

Did you know you can stand on each other?

Cave 3

Village 1

One of the pale-blue pearls must be hidden somewhere in the village...

Village 2

Have you checked the fountain?

Start 2

Together, press all the buttons at once to start the game.

Maze 1

Looks like only half the team can go through the portal. Maybe you should split up.

Maze 2

A set of microphones. Test test, can you hear me?

Maze 3

The objects in the paintings look like the objects on the floating island.

Maze 4

Not all candles in the paintings are lit.

Maze 5

Light and extinguish the candles corresponding to the candles in the paintings.

Skull Cave 1

These artefacts on the table are... hot to the touch.

Skull Cave 2

This cave has lots of corners, where could Marvin be hiding?

Server Room 1

Big colorful forcefields! They seem to match your colors.

Server Room 2

Only the player with a matching color can move through a forcefield.

Server Room 3

The instructions on your own screen don't seem to be for your console.

Flux Drive: four buttons N E S W

The letters on the buttons, are they short for words?

Holodeck: five red buttons

The buttons change color when pressed.

Dematerialization Levers: four levers

What should the position of the levers be?

Initiation Matrix: buttons behind forcefield 1

The forcefield dissappears, but only for a short time!

Initiation Matrix: buttons behind forcefield 2

What button in the matrix is the one to press?

Saloon 4

Try playing ⭐️🎵🟥🌊 on the piano.