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Introducing: Marvin's Island

Sun, Sea and a Sarcastic A.I.

We had prepared a perfect holiday Island for this escape room adventure, complete with an A.I. host called Marvin. But now Marvin has turned evil, and we need you to stop him! 

Will you and your team weather a storm of cheery holiday vibes, fun simple challenges and snarky comments from Marvin?

Team: 4-5 players

Time: ±45 minutes


"It was so wonderful to have a joint moment to be playful, creative and adventurous together. I can only recommend the experience!"



Anne Merkle,

Innovation Culture Manager,

WWF International

"I am biased but it's my favourite digital escape experience because it's actually fun."



Nick Moran,

Experience Designer,

Voice of Marvin

"I’d very highly recommend Mibo Island to any and every escape room and immersive theater enthusiast. Early adopters, pay attention – this is the future."



Matthew Stein,

Room Escape Artist Review

Anyone can play


Marvin's Island is an online escape game, suitable for beginners, people who are completely new to online puzzles and more advanced players who just want some easygoing fun.


Play with your friends, colleagues or family. If you can browse the internet, you can play this game!

Anyone can play this online escape room. Great for improving communication.
You can jump on top of one another in Escape from Mibo Island, and solve puzzles with friends, family, and co-workers too!

Almost like being

in the same room



Walk around Marvin's Island freely, your webcam image is your avatar. If you move away from someone, their voice will gradually become less audible. This way it feels remarkably like being in the same room.

Online escape room is a maze for you and your team to play in and solve puzzles virtually. Feels like you're there.

Online Escape Room

Solve puzzles and set a new
record time 

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Play on Chrome or Edge

No installs required:
play in your browser! 

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Up to 5 Players

Play with a minimum of 4, maximum of 5 players per team


Frequently Asked Questions

⏰ How long is it? (± 60 mins)

Times differ, but 1 hour is a good estimate in most cases.

The virtual world is open until you finish the game, so you've got plenty of time.

You're also very welcome to stick around in the Mibo world for a chat after the game.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Can I play with 5 people?

You could, but the game is designed for teams of 4 people.

Each player needs to log in from a separate device, preferably from separate rooms to prevent echo.
🚨The game is not playable by 3 players or less.

📝 What do I need?

💻 Each player needs their own computer with the following:
🌍 Chrome browser
⚡️ Stable internet
🎥 Webcam & headphones
If in doubt, run this little diagnostics check. 🚨 Caution:
• Mibo does not work with smartphones or tablets • The game is not playable with fewer than 4 players • VPNs must be disconnected 🎫 Ticket
After purchase you’ll receive a unique link, which your entire team can use to enter the escape room.The link remains valid indefinitely until you finish the game. You can start playing as soon as you receive your link. 🏠 Play from separate rooms We created this game to make people who haven't seen each other in a while, feel like they're together again. If you're playing with people in the same house though, the game works much better if you're not in the same room. You'll find out why :)

🎉 Can I play with my whole company?

Absolutely! Send us a message and we’ll get back to you with lightning speed. If you want, we can even set up a whole tournament.

🎁 Do you have giftcards?

We don't have giftcards yet, but you can buy the game for someone else and gift them the link.

🧩How 'puzzley' is it?

We made our game very light on puzzles to make it as accessible as puzzleble. We're experienced escape room designers ourselves, so we had to restrain ourselves quite a bit ;)

For escape room fans, we think the game is most fun when you either:
• Expect just a light, fun adventure with friends, or..
• Attempt to break the records.

🤖What's it like?

In the game, you walk around in a virtual 3D environment. You and your teammates are robots with a screen displaying your webcam as your head. Your voices can only be heard when you get in hearing distance of each other in the game. To many players, it really feels like you're together in the same room!

🏆Can I have my own tournament?

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you within a fortnight. Or faster. We just like saying fortnight.

🥇 How do I know if my team beat the record?

After your team has solved the last puzzle, a portal opens up. Go through the portal with your team to return to the starting location. There, you will be able to see your final time. If you rank in the top three, we'll add you to our website and give you a shoutout on Instagram.

📊 Who currently holds the record?

The Records are held by: 1st Place: Praegus' Team C-Block at 16 minutes, 12 seconds 2nd Place: The Dutch Coding Company at 16 minutes, 52 seconds 3rd Place: CTcue at 17 minutes, 33 seconds

Robot avatars on Escape from Mibo Island show your own face

Ready to Escape from Marvin's Island?

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