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Marvin the AI Pirate helps team building with a virtual escape room

Play together online and feel like you're really there





🎈 Solve puzzles & have fun 

🤖 Your head is your webcam

👯 Reunite with friends, colleagues & family

🏠 Feel like you're in the same room!

⏰ Start whenever you want

💰 Only €25 per team

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Our Online Escape Games

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Team: 4-5 players

Time: ± 45 minutes


Team: 4-5 players

Time: ± 60 minutes


Marvin's Island

You and your team are stranded on a beautiful tropical island. But all is not as it seems: a maleficent A.I. named Marvin controls the island and wants to keep you trapped there forever.

You will have to work together to defeat him and overcome the challenges he has set.

Marvin's Moonbase

An adventure in outer space! You find yourself on a secret moonbase, where rogue A.I. Marvin is plotting to launch a rocket to destroy Earth. Outsmart him and his many traps to save the planet before it's too late!

"It was so wonderful to have a joint moment to be playful, creative and adventurous together. I can only recommend the experience!"



Anne Merkle,

Innovation Culture Manager,

WWF International

"I am biased but it's my favourite digital escape experience because it's actually fun."



Nick Moran,

Experience Designer,

Voice of Marvin

"I’d very highly recommend Mibo Island to any and every escape room and immersive theater enthusiast. Early adopters, pay attention – this is the future."



Matthew Stein,

Room Escape Artist Review

  • How does it work?
    After purchase you’ll receive a unique link, which your entire team can use to enter the escape room. It’s valid indefinitely until the first person enters; after which you have 16 hours to explore and play the game.
  • How long is the game?
    That depends on the team, but 1 hour is a safe estimate in most cases. Since the virtual environment is open for 16 hours, you can stick around for a chat after the game.
  • What group size do I need?
    The game is for teams of 4. A group of 5 or even 6 can still have fun, albeit with a little bit less interaction per person. A group of 3 or less is not possible.
  • What else do I need?
    You need a Windows or Mac computer, with a Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser. You also need a working microphone and webcam. Every team member needs to be on a different device. You cannot play this game on a phone.

Made with 💜 in Amsterdam

Want to have a custom game? 

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